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Non-Custodial Cross-Chain DEX

An easy-to-use, high-efficiency experience that allows users to trade on all supported blockchains in one swap using advanced Automated Market Makers (AMM) and a HTLC based, atomic swap.

VentiSwap Token (VST) Contract: 0xb7C2fcD6d7922eddd2A7A9B0524074A60D5b472C


Q3 2021

  • Assemble a team of industry-leading Developers and Designers (Q2)
  • Research & Development (Q2)
  • UI/UX Design and Development (Q2,Q3,Q4)
  • Launch Landing Page/VentiSwap demo
  • Global press release
  • Launch Seed Sale
  • Launch Pitch Deck/Litepaper
  • Marketing/advertising campaign

Q4 2021

  • UI/UX Design and development of VentiSwap (Q2,Q3,Q4)
  • Marketing/advertising campaign (Q3,Q4)
  • Launch Preale
  • Launch VentiSwap Token (VST) on the Etherium Network (Postponed to Q2 of 2022 for token contract audit with Certik)
  • Complete development of the VentiSwap Engine and functionalities of VentiSwap (Postponed to Q2 of 2022)
  • Submit VentiSwap for audit to Quantstamp (postponed to Q2 of 2022)
  • Launch VentiSwap (Postponed to Q2 of 2022)
  • Launch Whitepaper (Postponed to Q2 of 2022)

Phase 2

  • VentiNFT Cross-Chain Marketplace. Users will be able to buy, sell, swap and create NFTs on all blockchains as well as buy and sell with any crypto the marketplace supports. VentiNFT will also include VentiVerse, offering users a vitrual storefront to display and sell their NFTs. VentiVerse will also include interactive games where users can earn rewards and bonus tokens.

Phase 3

  • Develop and implement the ability to:
  • Deploy and trade meme coins
  • Read Tokenomics
  • Stake tokens (other than VST)
  • Pool towards various VenitSwap liquidity pools
  • Auto slippage & Auto gwei
  • Stop-limit orders

Phase 4

  • UI/UX Design and development of VentiSwap mobile App for iOS and Android
  • UI/UX Design and development of a VentiSwap wallet mobile app for iOS and Android

VentiNFT will be the first ever Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace. VentiNFT will offer users the ability to buy, sell, auction, create and swap NFTs on all blockchains that are supported by the VentiNFT Marketplace!

VentiSwap Platform

VentiSwap has features that will help you trade more effectively

VentiSwap’s promise to minimize the exchange rates between transactions encourages traders to take full advantage by placing transactional orders with multiple liquidity pods.

Our commitment lies in your trust to feel safety when connecting your wallet, by securing, and having the fastest system response for all of your transactions.

Investors have the freedom to accelerate the speed of any pending transaction up to 2 times, promoting and capturing precise market rates for digital commodities (this will only be available for MetaMask wallets at this time).

Upon successful contract offer initiation, buyers/sellers are presented with unique tokenomics, where transactions can further be completed, our advanced technology precisely monitors spam accounts and immediately removes users from the VentiSwap platform, giving confidence to real traders to secure their transactions.

Our forward driven team aspired to create VentiSwap with the purpose of making this DEX a one stop swap trading exchange for our user’s convenience and effortless trading experience.

VentiSwap brings to all users a fast, easy-to-use, high-efficiency experience that allows users to trade on all supported Blockchains in one swap for the first time ever!

VentiSwap Engine

Automated Validator Bridge

VentiSwap’s Automated Validator Bridge allows deployment of multiple smart contracts on multiple blockchains. The bridge consists of multiple nodes , each representing a different blockchain.

This unique process grants the various blockchain nodes the ability to interact and communicate with one another, ultimately allowing cross-chain swap capabilities.

Atomic Swaps

VentiSwap has taken trading to the next level. Where a traditional Atomic Swap is peer-to-peer, VentiSwap is peer-to-swap/swap-to-peer.

VentiSwap has revolutionized this process by making everything automated in the coding on the backend, creating a trading platform between the User and VentiSwap. All the User will have to do is click swap!

VentiSwap Token Details

Tokenomics: VST is a non taxed, no refletions utility token. Users must stake a minimum of 100 VST in order to utilize the swaps functionalities. Users will have the option to stake as many VST tokens as they want for 1, 3 and 6 months. Stakers will earn rewards in VST bonus tokens. 1M = 1%, 3M = 2% and 6M = 3% each month staked.
VentiSwap (VST)
Type of Token
Total Supply
Token Sale
Price (USD)
Amount (VST)
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Landing Page


NFT Marketplace

Presale Platform



Landing Page

Anju Batta (Developer)
Alp Ozguven (Graphic Designer)
Ehtisham Sajjad (UI Designer)
Tikhomir Vlaznev(Graphic Designer)


Igor Salagin (UI Designer)
Anju Batta (Developer)

NFT Marketplace Team

Coming Soon

Presale Platform Team

Anju Batta (Developer)
Andrei Popov (Developer)


Michael Carlin(Co-Founder)
Mike Ismail(Project Manager)
Anju Batta (Developer)
Iswar Chandra Nath (Developer)
Vishal Patel(Developer)

Wallet Team

Comming Soon

A Global Community

Learn more about VentiSwap, chat with the team, others in the community, and have your say in shaping the future of the VentiSwap protocol.


VentiNFT Marketplace

VentiPresale Platform


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